Your passport is expired

cuba stampIf you are a US citizen, you can’t travel out of the US if your passport expires within the next six months. Love to travel? Check the expiration date on your passport. Back from Cuba, we watched a few people find this out at the Miami airport – when it is too late to do anything about it – and had their trip cancelled. Click here to see if you are eligible to renew your passport online and save the line hassle – and disappointment at the airport. Thanks to Steeleworker Cathy Arroyo for these tips:

  • Need it quick? Pay for priority processing
  • You still have to print out the form, sign it, and mail it back
  • Read the photo requirements closely and strictly follow them
  • Also order the passport card, similar to a driver’s license, which can be used for non-air travel to Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean

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Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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