Your auto-responder checklist

auto respondWe are not fans of email auto-responders but know there are times they are a must. From Steeleworker Gwen Griffin: It’s not realistic for us to be checking email during certain intense client events that can go on for days from sun up to way beyond sun down. Or when traveling out of the country. We find that our clients prefer to know immediately that we won’t respond as quickly as we normally would and that they have a go-to person to get an immediate response. Thanks Gwen – good points! So, if you must use an auto-response, please use this checklist first:

  • Double check your spelling
  • Keep it brief
  • If possible, give an alternate contact name and his or her email or phone number
  • Tell us when you will return
  • No need to tell us why you are gone or where
  • Really, NO need to tell us where you are or why you are gone
  • Make yourself a reminder note to turn it off when you return

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We leave you for the weekend with a personal video below. We toured Cuba last week and one of the other tour guests surprised us yesterday with this video of Wonder Husband seeing his grandfather’s home for the first time in 55 years. Thank you Aaron, thank you.


WEB-uberydstIf you are headed out for some fun this weekend, why not check out Uber? Here’s a free ride (worth up to $20) just for trying the ride service. Now, everyone has a personal driver. Download the app and get started. Just had great Uber service in Dallas and look forward to using Uber again in New York City in April. The free ride is here.