You need a vacation

weekendVirgin’s Richard Branson recently announced he gives his 170+ employees unlimited vacation each year. Yep. Go as much as you want – just get the job done and do it well.  Though very few companies, big or small, are doing this just yet, Branson is definitely not alone. Netflix, Motley Fool, and SurveyMonkey all do the same. These companies are finding their employees are happier and more productive with this policy in place. Companies also save money not having to track employees and their time off. It’s a great recruiting tool and produces loyalty and good moral. Yes, there will always be that occasional bad apple that takes advantage of something like this – that sort of employee won’t last long anyway. Hire good people, make them feel valued, and they will give you their best.

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There is scientific evidence that vacation is good for you. Bottom line: vacation is good for the employee AND the employer. Want the best from your people? Set them free for several weeks. Two weeks paid vacation a year is NOT the key to a successful company.


tripadvisor2015-islands Ready to pack? Check out TripAdvisor’s Best Islands of 2015 or Best Destinations of 2015. Not ready to commit to such a big vacation? Use the vacation rental option and find a rental nearby for some down time.  Or check the TripAdvisor cheap flights option and make a last minute vacation plan at a good price. And again, read Your passport is expired – you can’t travel within the six months before the expiration date on your passport. Really. Your passport expires six months before it expires…