You did work over the weekend, right?

hagarDown time, time for you, rest, relaxation – all are an essential part of success. That said – the most successful people in the world never stop working. They take vacations, they rest, they relax but, every single day, they are reading, thinking, strategizing, plotting, learning, contacting, creating, discussing, and more. That sentence alone sounds tiring but it’s true. Don’t know where to start? Start by reading a book about a successful person you admire and aspire to be ….

Sammy Hagar was a big business influence on me, these habits are his habits. His autobiography, Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock (Amazon), is not for the faint of heart but does have some great business stories in it. Also read:  20 Habits for Success I Learned Working for Two Billionaires (Huffington Post).

So, what’s on your agenda today? Tell us below and git’er done!

Happy Monday,


*This is a long video featuring Van Halen and my friend Kevin Hendon but worth the watch when you have time. It’s something Sammy did years ago that made me love him for a lifetime: