You are NOT wanted by the FBI

Screenshot 2015-03-03 06.30.50You pull out your phone to check messages and your phone is locked with an ominous message from the FBI (or another official looking agency) such as:

This phone has been locked by the Federal Bureau of Investigations for viewing prohibited content.

Pay a $300 fine and you are good to go. Or not. Yes, it is another scam, this one special for Android users. The message looks official and it’s such a shock to most, they pay the fine – all you really need to do is change your password. Here are additional ways to protect yourself and your Android phone from ABC 13 Houston:

  • Be sure Android phone security setting “Unknown Sources” is NOT checked or selected.
  • Newer Androids will have an additional security setting “Verify Apps” which SHOULD be selected.
  • Install an antivirus that has the “Real-time” scanning feature. Recommended antivirus programs for Android are: 360 Security, Avira Antivirus Security, Avast Mobile Security, CM Security. All of these are available at Google Play 
  • Enable two-step verification of your Gmail account that is used on the Android phone:

Watch the story here – thanks Steeleworker Chris Nocera for sharing this story with us:

Change your passwords on everything occasionally and always use 2-step verification when available!

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