You are an idiot. Or not.

Abortion and gay marriage. It’s hard to get anymore polarized in 24 hours. Be careful what you say and how you say it today – at the office, around the water cooler, at lunch, in a meeting, in line with strangers, anywhere. You have a right to your opinion and feelings, as do I and everyone else. Respect those opinions whether you agree or not. No name-calling. Ain’t democracy grand!

Remember what I always advise my clients and audiences – if you don’t want to rock the boat, be careful what you say about politics, religion or cats. You’ll always upset someone.

I’m still standing with Wendy. And, it’s okay with me if you are sitting with (or marrying) whomever you choose,


While CNN was doing a story on muffins last night (seriously) with Piers Morgan, the Texas Tribune took the world by storm with a live feed from the floor of the Texas Senate. I personally watched it for over 12 hours with my teenage sons – all of us mesmerized. Please consider donating to keep the Texas Tribune alive and well, they don’t have CNN and major network money but they do apparently have cojones. That was historic last night and none of us would have seen it had it not been for the Tribune’s live feed. Contribute today!  If we all contribute enough, perhaps we can have play-by-play announcers next time…