You all look alike

10354686_10150004552801856_220367501106153455_nA picture is worth a thousand words – as in a profile picture. Check your profile picture today. Is it generic like this one? That comes across as boring or lazy or not smart enough to figure out how to add a profile picture. If you want to connect as a friend on Facebook, a business associate on LinkedIn, as a person of interest on Twitter, with another avid photo poster on Instagram – whatever it is – show who you are. Otherwise, what’s the point of SOCIAL media? Grow your network, get a profile picture. According to the Steeleworkers at HCK2 in Dallas, the human brain processes images faster than text. Use images everywhere you can to let people know about you, your business, your service, your product.

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The more you grow your network, the more opportunities come your way, the more successful you become. Bam!


hello fresh foodLet me tell you a story. UPS arrives at your doorstep with a box full of organic meats and seafood, fresh vegetables, pre-measured spices and an easy/fast recipe to follow with beautiful pictures and step-by-step instructions. Hungry yet? You cook dinner, everyone thinks you are brilliant. End of story. Try HelloFresh today – here’s $40 off your first box with no obligation.