Yo dude, I wanna work with you

Today’s guest post comes from publicist Stacia Pratt. Stacia is a leading entertainment business publicist. We met when she worked with the Academy Award winning movie, Dallas Buyer’s Club:

stacia pratt“Yo Stacia!” and “Hey Stacia!” are greetings I expect from a friend, someone I know and would break bread and drink wine with. However, as of late, it also seems to be a common greeting for business letters and emails from people I don’t know. Really? I called our fearless leader “Ms. Steele” the first time I spoke with her. How else was I to address the voice of my youth, “Yo Dayna?” No! I was excited, honored, and a little bit nervous to speak with THAT VOICE. She represented something bigger, better, and way more cool than me. The best part? She told me to call her Dayna and now I count her and the Wonder Husband as friends. What if I had assumed that familiarity? Would I be able to have family sleepovers and drink all her wine like I do now? I bet not. Please gentle Steeleworker – please – have respect with the written word and your attempts to meet someone. I promise, I’ll call you Mr. or Ms. until at least the second glass of wine.

Nicely done Ms. Pratt. Nicely done. Follow Stacia on Twitter @stacia_pratt.

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