Seahawk Derrick Coleman says go for it

We started the week of the big game with the Naysayers in the entrepreneurial league. We wrap up the week in praise of the winning Underdogs: Derrick ColemanYou cannot sell books online from your garage. You cannot custom build computers in your dorm room and make a living. No one will ever pay to download music. You cannot be a drive-time deejay, you are a woman. You cannot play football, you are deaf. Excuse me? They can and they did, successfully. Watch one of the most inspirational ads you will ever see starring Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman.

You can do it today!

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Dayna Steele Does Disney


An oldie but a goodie. I am once again at Walt Disney World for a few days. WDW does customer service like no other. Here is a video I did after the last trip. This is the story of what happens when you say YES to your customers.