Work on your will this weekend

probate-courtEvery adult should have a will. Even if you think there is nothing to leave, you never know. Take the time and get a will done. Wonder Husband and I used an attorney, the cost wasn’t as high as you would imagine and we know everything was done correctly. Depending on your circumstances, an online service such as LegalZoom might work fine for you if it is done correctly. I spent two different days the last year testifying for friends whose parents left no will. It is a costly and time-consuming effort for all involved. And, if you already have a will, check it this weekend to make sure it is up-to-date.

Our first live Facebook chat about Alzheimer’s and caregivers will be at noon CST today. To watch live or view the video later, friend or follow me on Facebook here.

Have a good weekend, you deserve it.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele

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