Where’s your posse pardner?

your-crowdThe term posse derives not from old Western movies but from the Latin posse comitatūs meaning power of the community. Thanks to amazing speaker Jason Lauritsen for this trivia nugget. Look around today. Who is in your posse? Do you have a posse? Are these people good for you? Are you good for them? Add someone to your network every day. The more people who know and help, the more opportunities come your way. Do the math pardner.

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Hurricane Patricia has grown into a Category 5 while we slept over night. We are thinking hard of our friends who will be hit by this catastrophic weather event over the weekend. We are here as your community – let us know what we can do from afar to help the next few days.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
Dayna speaks – and wants to do it some day with Jason – he rocked…



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