Amazon Fire Tablet $50

Screenshot 2015-10-02 06.05.07Just took delivery on the new $49.99 Amazon Fire tablet. Not as good as a laptop but better than a phone – or nothing at all. We provide technology to high school students in need. Could you be successful without a computer? Could you do your entire four years of high school including studying, writing papers, applying to college, applying for grants and scholarships, writing your college essays, doing online homework (most is now) on a small phone? Many, many students do just this – hanging on for dear life trying to graduate and make something of themselves. See more on Amazon.

UPDATE: We’ve traveled with this little device the last few weeks and it works great. The quality isn’t as high as an iPad but neither is the price. For $50 bucks, we watch movies, read books, send business documents┬áto ourselves we need to read, catch up on TV episodes, and more. For the price, we highly recommend it – it makes a fun, inexpensive gift for clients, friends, employees, and family. Big thumbs up. See more on here.

Tell us your thoughts on these new inexpensive Amazon tablets? Could this help the problem? We can even buy 6 for $250.00. Just think how many students we could help at that price over and over again.

Teachers, counselors, librarians, students, parents, friends, administrators – please give us your thoughts below. Thanks.

Here is more about what we do with the free laptop program – click here.

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