What shape is your corporation in?

Definition of CorporationMy computer screen saver is words and definitions. I thought this was interesting, OK, amusing. Another word for corporation is paunch. If you look up synonyms for paunch you get beer belly, belly, gut, potbelly, and corporation. What excess do you have hanging around the company? What is your paunch? Even if you are a ‘one man band,’ paunch can kill ya. For success, keep it lean.

So, what do you have planned for a Tuesday in August – besides staying cool?


Woot Discount ShoppingTalk about keeping it lean, what great timing to also receive this email yesterday – Amazon.com unleashed their partnership with Woot yesterday in an email. I absolutely love a bargain and immediately bought 72 AA batteries for $14.99. There is a back-to-school section and, my favorite, Woot Wine. Check it all out at www.woot.com.  Woot!