What is your time worth?

Us-passportYou have a limited number of hours each day to make your mark on this world, how are you using those minutes? We recently used the US Passport office expedited mail service to renew passports – and were pleasantly surprised when the new passports arrived in less than two weeks. A Steeleworker commented we could have gone to the downtown location and saved the $60 expedited fee. It is an hour drive there, at least an hour parking and going through the process and another hour back to the office. That is three hours in which we could do something or set up something that hopefully earns a lot more than $60.

Also read: Your passport is expired (it expires 6 months before the expiration date)

What is your time worth today? There is a lesser known lecture from The Last Lecture’s Randy Pausch on time management. It is long but equally as good as his most famous lecture. Carve out some time in your day to watch it, it’s that valuable. Both are below.


Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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Sansaire-v1-Boxes1The latest addition to our Entrepreneur Gift Guide is for the home chef/foodie – the Sansaire sous vide device for the home. One of the most successful Kickstarters ever, the Sansaire has revolutionized home cooking for the avid hone chef. It is THE gadget to have this year. Throw in the searing kit blowtorch and your foodie friend/client will be in heaven. Learn more about both here. Nothing says fun in the kitchen like wine and a blowtorch…