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Success comes from the inside. The most essential step to success is nothing physical, it requires no action – you don’t even need to get up from your chair to change your whole world. You do have to decide in your mind and heart that something IS going to happen – somehow be crazy enough to believe it – and it will happen. And, you have to visualize what success is to you. Don’t let your idea of success be up for debate; if you can come to the place of seeing your own version of success, you’ll quickly notice you start operating from a deeper gear in line with what you are truly meant to be doing. Yes, you still have to put in the physical hard work but nothing will happen if YOU don’t believe it and see your success first.

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The next time you sit down at work, apply for a job, or plan your next round of classes – or make any plan for that matter – focus on what you want the end success to look like. Then approach your plan with such gusto and refusal to quit that you leave the universe no choice but to reward you.

Michael Mazzella
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