Ways to thank a veteran today

CJ_Early USAFToday is Veteran’s Day in the United States. Today, hire a veteran, pay for a meal, give up your first class seat, pay for coffee, shake a hand, say thanks. Want to do more? Go to your local Veteran’s hospital and marvel at just how many people served to protect your freedoms and now need your help. Thanks to Steeleworker Steve Schultz for this link – companies offering discounts and specials to veterans today.

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My father was in the Army. My husband was in the Air Force. And every single day, over 1 million brave men and women work to protect your freedoms. Find a way, even a small one, to say thanks today.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
*On my bucket list, to land on an aircraft carrier and give a motivation speech to the troops. Anywhere. How do we make this happen? Contact me.

Entrepreneur Gift Guide 2015

Tesla – It’s a Ludicrous Gift – $1000 off the most amazing car you will ever drive.
Sansaire – Successful Cooking – Who doesn’t need a blow torch for the kitchen?
Amazon Fire Tablet $50 – For this price, you can buy this great entertainment center for everyone!
Hey Alexa, Cook Dinner For Me – Your own personal assistant, the future is here.
Sonos Wireless Music System – We have a speaker in just about every room in the house now.
DeskCycle Desk Workout – No time to workout, put this baby under your desk and pedal away.
Get Tile – Find Your Stuff –  Put these on items you need to find, keys, backpack, cat.

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