Use your indoor voice

Screenshot 2015-05-14 06.16.05This is not so much a tip as it is a plea for peace and quiet. In a meeting, on the phone, at lunch – if you are talking today – be aware of your volume. Many of us tend to talk louder on our phones. No need, you are heard. Or we think no one can hear us in our cubicle – or you don’t even think about it since there are walls of a sort. Start quieter today and increase your volume a little bit at a time if needed. We wish we could tell you what to say to someone who has apparently not seen today’s tip. That’s where we need your help. What do you do or say when this happens? Tell us below. A lunch conversation with Wonder Husband was all but impossible with the woman next to us earlier this week. Wow, she was loud. Watch the video below – even this dog understands.

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The weekend is close – hang in there!




We are continuing our quest to make this an awesome upcoming Father’s Day. There is the Phaser Remote, Light Saber BBQ Tongs, and a Flux Capacitor we’ve found for you. Now, there’s a free Father’s Day shirt from ThinkGeek – spend $25 and use code: ROLEMODEL. Share your Father’s Day gift ideas with us and we will share here for the next few weeks. Developing Future Overlords – we love this shirt!