And that unsolicited email went on and on

Sending a cold emailYesterday’s tip was about answering cold email, email from strangers, and unsolicited email. (Cold email equals a pot of gold). If you are the person sending one of those emails, here are three tips to get that email actually read:

  • Create a short, relevant, to-the-point subject line
  • Write 2-3 sentences with who you are, why you are writing and what you want. If you can’t do this in an initial email, then you don’t really know what you want yet.
  • Have a professional signature – name, title (if applicable), company name and contact information. That’s it. Three paragraphs of social media accounts and quotes about how great you are will chase people away every time. You just look like you are going to be time consuming and high maintenance.

Added tip – remove that silly Sent from my iPhone, iPad, excuse typos, etc line. Make sure you have the same professional signature on any device you use for email. And check your spelling before you send it. No excuses baby. No excuses!



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