ThisWebHost Review

YDST is powered by the gerbils on a wheel at ThisWebHost. That is probably not the best analogy because the staff at ThisWebHost are more like turbo-charged super heroes. Yes, this is a love letter to my hosting provider.

Over the last couple of weeks, as with many start-ups, we hit some major snags – in our technology and in our man/woman power. And, of course, the worst happened at 5 am on a Saturday morning – the entire site shut down. I submitted a help ticket, fully expecting not to hear from anyone until late Monday, if I was lucky.

Enter Superhero Jules from ThisWebHost. He swooped in to save the day in less than 5 minutes after I had filed the help ticket and had all issues fixed and the website back up and purring in under 30 minutes.

I even offered to make him cookies. Pretty sure he thinks I am a stalker now….

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