There is a man on your plate

Screenshot 2015-10-20 08.52.09The more time a customer waits for you, the more marketing time you waste. There are just times you can’t get around some waiting time – a doctor’s office, a restaurant, you’re tied up on a phone call or finishing another meeting. Whatever the case may be, utilize that waiting time as another sales opportunity. If you entertain or inform me, I really don’t mind waiting for a few minutes.

Video is a great way to keep customers AND potential customers waiting without getting upset – or worse – leaving. Here’s a brilliant project video sent to us by Steeleworker Pam Anderson.

From YouTube: In our newest mapping project, a miniature chef turns your plate into a projected grill. Bon appétit! By Antoon Verbeeck and Filip Sterckx. Contact us if you would like to have this projection or a customized version of this project at your event: