The social media your business should be using

Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Snapchat, Google+, Instagram, Dayna Steele Social MediaPinterest – the list goes on. Look into your 2014 crystal ball and decide which social media you will use as a part of your marketing campaign. Vine users can get vanity URLs now for businesses and individuals. 65% of the world’s top brands are active on InstagramSeventeen is the first major magazine to join Snapchat. How do you decide what is best for your business? You don’t. Your customers and clients do. What do they use, where are they?  What worked for you in 2013 may not be the correct platform in 2014.  Talk to your customers, talk to your staff, and do your research. Make it easy for clients to find you.

Me? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. For now…

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