The odds are in your favor

dayna-ed-birthday-spaceYou increase your odds of success just by asking for what you want or need. An introduction, some information, a mentor, access – whatever – the answer will always be no if you don’t ask. The outcome will always be failure if you don’t try. NASA has announced the search for the next astronaut class. Remember the day when you dreamt of being an astronaut? Well, now’s your chance. You will never be an astronaut if you don’t try. Even Rocksy the Raccoon knows this – watch the video below.

NASA Astronaut Application Process

Increase your odds today – speak up and take action.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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With unfiltered observations and sometimes dark humor, author Dayna Steele chronicled her mother’s journey with Alzheimer’s on Facebook. This collection of Alzheimer’s updates posted on the social media network includes biting humor and raw emotion as Dayna carries you from the diagnosis to the inevitable end. This is a journey way too many of us are going to experience in one way or another. If you have to experience Alzheimer’s – and chances are you will – do it like Dayna with love, wit and wine. Order here.