The IRS will not call you

Screenshot 2016-04-08 06.16.38The IRS will NOT call you for money. IRS scams, including phone calls, are on the rise 400%. If the IRS needs to reach you or needs anymore of your money, the agency will snail mail you. Let me repeat – the IRS will NOT call you. Do not give out any personal or payment information to anyone claiming to be with the IRS. Watch the CBS News video below on the latest scam – this time they targeted a kid.

A note to HR departments – double and triple check that management request for any employee tax and/or personal information. Share this tip with your family, friends, and employer.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
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Is there a caregiver you love in your life? There are a couple of things you can do to help. Offer to come sit this weekend for a few hours so the caregiver can take a break. And, gift a copy of Surviving Alzheimer’s with Friends, Facebook, and a Really Big Glass of Wine. Amazon has the book discounted here. The caregiver needs you more than the patient.


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