The follow-up call

You have made contact. You have gotten your foot in the door as well as your email opened, read, and replied to. You have established the beginning of what hopefully will be a long and fruitful relationship. follow up callAnd, then you wait. And wait. And wait. Eventually you give up and move on because you just figure there was no interest. Why? Follow up! Never assume the customer or client doesn’t want you or your product. Maybe he or she didn’t get that last email, got sidetracked, lost your information, any number of reasons. Most people don’t bother to follow up and see if the opportunity to move forward with business still exists. They wait for the other side to do it. Be the side that follows up – and closes the deal.

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In Crested Butte, then Denver, Amarillo, and home in Seabrook on Sunday. #justizfamilyontour continues for a few more days. Thanks for following along.


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