The art of compromise

orca-whaleFind common ground to begin a compromise. It could even lead to a partnership that benefits many. Long time archenemies SeaWorld and the Humane Society have not only found common ground after years of conflict but also have now partnered to create something good. Is there someone you don’t like being around or working with? Take time to get to know them. Sit down over coffee and talk about their life, their beliefs, what makes them tick. Talk. Don’t just shut the door. Talk and listen.

Who are you at odds with? Do you even know why they believe what they do? At least ask. And listen.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele

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ready for cuba

We made sure our newest Cuban cousin is ready for next week’s Rolling Stones concert in Havana. This time last year, our family was there to meet this part of the family for the first time (see below). It was powerful. Things are changing quickly in Cuba. Some things will not change for a long time. Some things may never change. Graham Sowa and I created a guide with 101 tips that stand the test of time for your Cuban visit.

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A beginner’s guide to the rhythm of Cuba!
In paperback and Kindle versions from here
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