The amount of time you will waste today

email firstThe best time to call me is email. Saw that the other day on Twitter and chuckled – but it is true.  As much as I love personal interaction, a quick, concise, relevant, SHORT email is the best way to reach out to someone for the first time. When you waste someone else’s time you are also wasting your own time. Time is money. Cold calling is a waste of time. Cold calling is a waste of money. Creating interactions and products or services that are relevant to people are not a waste of time. Creating a relationship is not a waste of time. Finding a way to get to know someone is not a waste of time. Read: Your sales strategy should not rely on a cold call.

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road to reinventionI was emceeing a corporate webcast last week that featured speaker Josh Linkner. We were fortunate that as a part of this international event, Josh was live in person on our end. Since Josh doesn’t have time to visit everyone, the next best thing is his latest book. Check out The Road to Reinvention: How to Drive Disruption and Accelerate Transformation by Josh Linkner. Then go disrupt something …