Is that a bug on your phone?



Cyber security expert Bryan Seely joins YDST as our official Tech Tipster, helping you navigate the ever-changing world of technology and online security. Bryan starts off today with news about a nasty little bug that may cause your iOS system to crash. The bug attacks the iMessage and SMS app on the iPhone and iPad with a specific string of Arabic characters and symbols in a text causing the crash (see the video below). You can prevent it from happening by going to your Settings > Notifications > Messages and changing to the those pictured here. If you can’t live without text notifications, read iOS Bug Crashing iPhones With A Single Text Message to find out how to erase the offending message should it happen to your device. Got bigger problems? Bryan is the cyber security expert even Mark Cuban reached out to – I’ll let Bryan explain.

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Thanks Bryan and welcome aboard. Our Millennial Tipster Michael is back Thursday with another tip for those just starting out (and those who need a refresher course in success). YDST continues to grow and we have YOU to thank for that. So – thank you!


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