That one person who called equals 100 customers

Dack and Cris in SpaseStore - 001If a customer takes the time to contact your business – whether to order, to complain, or to ask a question, take note of the nature of the communication. That right there is what we call valuable information or free market research. Just because you know the information or know where it is on the website doesn’t necessarily mean  the customer can easily find it. I used to tell the The Space Store employees: For every customer who calls, there may be another 99 customers who needed the same information or had the same problem but did not bother to call and went elsewhere. If the customer called about our hours, I made the information more prominent on the website. If a customer needed more information on a product, we added that info to the description. And so on. Remember, once a customer goes away, the customer rarely comes back …

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ipageThanks to Dad 2.0’s John Pacini for inviting us to a great party over the weekend. His wife and business partner Mom 2.0’s Carrie Pacini had quite the surprise birthday party. It was nice to run into fellow bloggers. We all love what we do, we love to write and share with others. Have an idea for a blog? Then start today. Just do it. You never know where it will take you but we can almost guarantee it will be an adventure.
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