Tesla – It’s a Ludicrous Gift

Screenshot 2015-11-10 07.26.19A Tesla is the ultimate high-end gift/gadget. Yep, we know it is out of bounds for most but it truly is the most amazing car you will ever drive. From the moment the handle extends to greet you and you sit in the seat, you are hooked. The large screen welcomes you and gives you your schedule for the day. There is no start button. You sit and go. And boy do you go. Sport mode leaves most in the dust. Insane mode makes you giggle like a crazy person. And Ludicrous mode – yes from Space Balls – well, we haven’t had a chance to drive that mode yet but assume it will peel our faces back in a grin that will be hard to wipe off the rest of the day.

If you are seriously thinking about one, here’s $1000 off. It’s not much once all is said and done purchasing a Tesla, but hey, it’s still $1000. The link is a gift from Wonder Husband – enjoy. See all the gift and gadget ideas in our Entrepreneur Gift Guide. The rest are much more attainable…

What is Ludicrous mode? Watch these two videos:

Crazy I know! Just a tiny bit interested? Click here and design your own Tesla just for fun!