Tell me what you do in 3 words

damn yankeesWhen someone asks, What do you do? – always give an answer that prompts more questions and genuine interest. For example, when people used to ask me that question on a plane, I would say, I am a speaker and author. At which point they would say, That’s nice, then put on their headphones and hope I never said another word the rest of the flight. Now I say, I create rock stars. That ALWAYS prompts more questions and initiates a conversation – and a potential speech client. Here is the three step plan I always recommend:

  1. Say what you do in three words that will prompt a request for more: Create rock stars.
  2. Have one sentence that explains what that means and prompts yet more questions: I bring what I learned about success from the world’s greatest rock stars to businesses and events.
  3. Then, have a short paragraph – 3 to 5 sentences – that creates a bio and explanation: Dayna Steele worked with the world’s greatest rock stars for over twenty years as a Hall of Fame rock radio personality. She took those lessons and formed several successful companies. Now, Dayna delivers those lessons on leadership, teamwork, customer service, marketing, communication, and more to audiences around the world with her presentations and books. And, as the creator of, Dayna continues to deliver these success lessons every day, one tip at a time, to thousands of faithful followers around the world.

This is harder to do than it looks. The hardest part is the first three words. Sometimes that takes friends and wine. (Just sayin…) Thanks to Steeleworker George Kovacik for suggesting this as a tip.

Chief Tipster Dayna Steele
Creates Rock Stars – find out what that means here


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