My aunt worked for the FBI

FBI-logoIt was not until I read my grandmother’s obituary years ago that I found out she had been a teacher in her earlier life. There is only one tip this week as YDST takes the rest of the week to officially kick off the opening of Gravy Season.  When you gather with family or old family friends this week, take the time to talk to that person you really know nothing about.  Just these questions alone will lead to a fascinating conversation and more questions: What did you do in your 20’s? Who have you worked for? Where have you traveled?  You may find opportunity as well but you have to start the conversation.  What else have I learned from these holiday questions? I found out my aunt worked for the FBI and 50 years ago this week was moved to a Dallas hotel to assist with the investigation into the assassination of a young US president.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Hanukkah. Be safe. Ask questions.


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