In the blink of an eye…it can all change

Wilene Dunn ThumbnailTake care of yourself. Yes, take care of your loved ones, your business, and your responsibilities but above all else, take care of yourself first – people are counting on you. Wednesday night, my speech-booking partner and more importantly, dear friend, almost died. In the doctor’s words, “She may not make it through the night, call the family now.” Words none of us ever want to hear again.  She had been feeling flu-ish for over a week and it just got worse. The last thing she said to me on Tuesday was, “I am never sick. This is really scaring me.” She is better but it is still touch and go right now. Meningitis has been ruled out and we are waiting on the results of West Nile Virus. The recent outbreak of Salmonella looks to be a strong contender as well. Wilene Dunn. I love you. Now, stop texting me from the hospital and rest.

And you, yes you reading this, take care of yourself,


eSigns YDST discountMaybe I’ll get her a big’ol (that is Texas speak for really big) sign for the front yard from eSigns. They do that, not just business signs and banners and car magnetic signs. They do the fun stuff too. Happy birthday, happy anniversary, you name it –  and that big’ol Welcome Home Wilene sign. Yep, I think I’ll do that y’all. Use discount code YDST for a 10% discount on anything and everything at eSigns.