Suppress your posting bully today

monica-lewinskyIt doesn’t matter if it is a service, a product, a person, or a person’s beliefs – saying nasty things online is bullying. All too often, when presented with bad customer service or a bad product or an opinion we don’t agree with, we take to social media as fast as lightning. When presented with great customer service or a good product or good behavior, we remain silent. Don’t be silent today, reward the good – and – suppress your inner bully. We may have just become the biggest Monica Lewinsky fans in the world. Watch her TED talk below and see if you don’t want to give her a standing ovation. Stop the mean!

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This tip was prescheduled as I am taking a very deep colonoscopy nap about right now. Have you scheduled yours? Do it. Today. And if you missed yesterday’s tip, read: A successful cleanse and binge.


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