Success on a silver platter

the rulesSuccess takes talent, ambition, and hard work. So why does the world have one-hit wonders? Why do talented people who work hard still fail? Most people and companies fail where it is most crucial – with consistent daily actions. What’s on your list? Do you have a list? Do you know what should be on your list? Return calls, make others successful, be on time, follow up, get up early, exercise, eat right, read – consistent daily actions create a lifetime of success. What do you do every day? Share your daily habits with us below.

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Thanks to the wonderful Groner family of Bedford, NY for the last minute hospitality during our family flying adventure. This sign was in their back entryway. Love. It.

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josh-simpson-glassAnother last minute stop on the trip was a night in the Hippie Shack guest cottage next to the glass studio of artist Josh Simpson. We have several of Josh’s glass planet works of art. They come in all sizes and make a beautiful, unique gift. We’ve been giving them as gifts for special occasions for years – weddings, client gifts, graduations, thank you gifts, etc. See all of Josh’s work here.

If you have a few minutes, watch the video below to see what it is Josh does. Just amazing.