Be substance, not all show

the lampTake care of the little things as well as the big things. The medical waiting room was nice, clean, well-appointed, and full. I settled in a for a long wait as a designated driver and chose a seat next to the lamp so I could get some work done. Click. No light. Click again. No light. I asked the front desk if maybe it needed a light bulb. “Oh, that’s just for show.” As I stood there assimilating this crazy info, I opened a decorative box on the desk only to find it empty. “Oh, that’s just for show too.” Hmm. What else in here is just for show? Is any of the medical equipment real – or is it just for show as well? You may not think it matters but it does. Many little things add up to create a great customer service experience. Put some business cards in the box for those of us curious enough to open it and plug the damn lamp in.

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Remember this commercial – it was viral before anyone even knew what viral meant – Where’s the Beef?