Stayin alive with the Bee Gees CPR dance

cpr danceCPR – you hope you never have to use the skill but are glad you know how to do it if needed. Take a course from the Bee Gees – or – through your company, local YMCA, church, school, synagogue, etc. If you have had the course, good for you. Either way, here’s an entertaining way to remember what to do when an emergency is swirling around you. The Chattanooga Fire Department performs CPR to the Bee Gees’ Stayin’ Alive. Learn the CPR techniques, not their dancing techniques:

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If you own or run a business, a crisis communication plan is the same as CPR for business – you hope you never need it but you’ll be glad you have the plan if and when a crisis ever emerges. Take a few minutes today to watch this video with your staff, friends, and/or family. Then discuss what you will do in case of an emergency or crisis.

Be safe,


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