Stairway to Heaven or Freebird?

At least once today, someone will ask you how you are. Maybe dozens of people will ask you how you are. Each time, no matter how many times someone says, “How are you?” – answer in the positive – “I am great. And you?” wind-spirit-windstarI’ve spent the last week on a Wind Spirit cruise watching crewmembers do this over and over and over again, all day long, day after day. Some of these crew members work 10 months straight, seven days a week, being asked the same questions hundreds of times a day by guests. I am sure there are days when they are not great or fine but you would never know it. Stay positive today and see what happens.

Each time I played Stairway to Heaven or Freebird, you thought I enjoyed it didn’t you? Stay positive my friends. (In your posts as well…)

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Windstar Cruises did not comp a thing and they have not paid for this mention – I was simply another paying guest on another journey – yet I am so impressed with the Windstar service, I am giving them this free ad on YDST. The trip was that good. 139 guests with 98 crewmembers including a naturalist (Eddie) to explain everything about Panama and Costa Rica (he also moonlighted one evening as a very entertaining dancer.) My only suggestion? If they had better Wi-Fi on board, you would have gotten your tips last week….