Square Easy Credit Card Processing

square_logoIsn’t it great when someone makes it easy for someone else to give you money? Square is just one of those companies with products that do just that – from mobile point-of-sale tools and appointment scheduling to fast deposits and online invoicing, Square has everything you need to take care of every little thing. The card reader is compact, fits in a purse or pocket, and can be used with your phone.

From YDST CEO Dayna Steele: Hate is such a strong word but I absolutely hated the credit card companies when I owned The Space Store. The customer service was nonexistent, the monthly fees were always so high and confusing, and the contract was like a death grip on my business. That’s why I signed up for Square at the very beginning and never looked back. I still use it to this day to sell my books and take payments for speaking engagements and consulting. It’s just so easy.

Visit Square and find out more here. When you activate a Square account through this link, you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free during your first 180 days. We get the same – it’s a win-win deal! www.Square.com.