Speak up, speak up loudly

Speak Up - YourDailySuccessTip.comVerbalize what you want or need to another person. Only your mother can read your mind. Always ask for what you need. Speak up. Most people are happy to help. If they are not, move on. No drama. Move forward. Then ask someone else. Once you put it out there in the Universe, you never know who might hear your request. U2’s Bono once said – Dream up the kind of world you want to live in. Dream out loud.

I am sure the Texas Medical Center wishes I was not quote so vocal…


Try DropboxFor the past few days, my office has been a chair next to Mom in the hospital. Armed with my iPhone and laptop, I have been able to keep business going. Dropbox has been a lifesaver. From her Power of Attorney to documents I needed for a speech client, I was able to pull each up from my account and send them without missing a beat.

Once again, I can’t function without DropboxCheck it out: Dropbox will even let you start with some free space. Might as well…