Sliders are no longer just something you eat. Beware.

beware of slidersThis really hit home this morning. How many times have you left a purse, wallet, iPad, computer bag, any valuable on the passenger seat while you fill up your vehicle’s gas tank? You’re in a hurry, have that important meeting to get to or just want to hurry up and get home. Watch this video and find another place for those valuables. Thieves across the country have a new trick up their sleeves – these sliders pull up beside your car, slide below the window line, open your unlocked door, grab your stuff, and are gone before you know what happened.



Be safe, have a good weekend, and I should not even have to tell you DO NOT put your iPhone in the microwave,


*A personal note here: I have been¬†writing for sometime about Mom’s journey through Alzheimer’s on my personal Facebook page. It started as a way to let family and her friends know what was happening. Then it became a way to share and laugh with my own close friends. Now, it is a cathartic journey for me and a way to hang on to her. Please feel free to follow along here. The love and support from friends, family, and the Steeleworker community has been unbelievably comforting.¬†