Six things you need to do to get a job

From the latest U.S. Jobs Report: the unemployment rate fell to 6.1% in June, the lowest level since September 2008. US-LaborIf you (or someone you know) were not one of the 288,000 positions added, let’s make sure you have some basics covered and make this happen:

  1. Read about the industry you want to work in every day, utilizing several different sources.
  2. Update your LinkedIn profile and clean up anything that doesn’t target what you want to do.
  3. Find a friend or family member in HR and ask him or her to look over your resume and implement his or her suggestions.
  4. Always carry a professional quality business card EVERYWHERE YOU GO that not only has your contact information but also lists three bullet points on the back summing up your experience and/or abilities.
  5. Dress for the work you want as much as possible. You never know who you may run into.
  6. Let everyone you know – friends, family, people you meet – know what job you are looking for. Again, you never know who you may run into and what information they have about a job opening.

Last but not least – think positive, act positive, walk positive, and talk positive. Think and act like you are going to get a job. No one wants to hire a complainer or a blamer. (Tweet this)

The next Jobs Report comes out in less than 30 days – you got this!


Rick Gillis  Job! Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 DayFriend and fellow speaker Rick Gillis has a great book to help someone get hired. Check out Job!: Learn How to Find Your Next Job In 1 Day. My favorite thing in the book is learning how to put together a list of your accomplishments separate from your resume. Rick has some good examples and suggestions. Most people can’t or won’t do this step. It will put you ahead of the pack. See more about the book here on