Should you recommend someone you have never worked with?

LinkedIn RecommendationsGood morning! It is so nice to be back with you and big thanks to Tipster Susan for filling in while I was gone for my bonus son’s wedding. Today’s tip comes from a message I received on LinkedIn while I was gone:

Sorry for the mass message. Can you please take a moment and leave me a quick professional rating here?

In a word, NO! Professional recommendations and ratings on LinkedIn, and anywhere else for that matter, should come as a result of actually working with someone, having first-hand knowledge of his or her abilities, and having formed a professional relationship with him or her. Never, ever send a mass message asking your network to rate or recommend you.

OK, now to attack ten days worth of mail…


Colorado Wedding Album


Again, I cannot thank Susan enough for helping out. Now, please indulge me as a newly anointed mother-in-law and allow me to share a few pictures from this past glorious week. If you are so inclined, the wedding album is on my Facebook page here.