Send a free fax without a fax machine

fax-machineSend a fax. Really? No matter how hard we try, some companies still insist on using a fax machine. There is just no way around it especially when dealing with insurance, mortgages, health care, or the government. (Why are these entities always the last to adopt technology??) If, like us, you refuse to get a landline and/or a fax machine, we may have found a work around for you. We’ve used several times without a hitch. The free service includes a cover sheet with a ad but we don’t really care – and figure the recipient doesn’t either. Free is good – at least until the above mentioned industries join us in this century.

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Have a great fax-free weekend,


WEB-uberydstHeaded to New York City this weekend to check out some shows – and will Uber all over the Big Apple. It is a service we have used all over the world and find the app incredibly convenient and easy to use. We especially like the part about no money changing hands – everything is handled electronically. Try Uber for yourself and see what you think – here’s a free $20 first ride from YDST.