Say this now: Sure I can do that

Always try to say yes to a job, new experience, or opportunity. Then do whatever it takes to teach yourself everything you can to succeed. When I interviewed at KRLY-FM in Houston years ago, I was asked if I could type. do something newI said yes I can. Three weeks later I told the program director I actually just wanted to be on air and had an operator’s license from college radio. He was amused and that was the end of that meeting – until the midnight deejay didn’t show up for work and I was asked to fill in. I type quite fast now thank you and that radio thing worked out okay as well.

Tip #17: Verbalize what you want or need to another person from 101 Ways to Rock Your World

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Early Radio DaynaThis is just one of many stories I use when I speak to business audiences, employee meetings, client events, and conferences across the country. Rock and roll was fun but it was also a great business learning experience. The latest presentation is Rock Your Small Business (or Association): Increase Your Customer Base. It’s all about GROWTH. Just as musicians grow from small clubs to rock star venues, grow your small business (or membership, blog following, etc) with these six rock star principles. Watch the video here.

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