Allow me to decorate your bus

As you plan and shop for Christmas, you have taken ANGUS LITTLE THINGScare of your friends and family. The employees and clients are covered. Now, what about the people who make your life and business flow uninterrupted each day? The person who delivers your mail, your favorite barista, the garbage collectors (yep, they get a bit of cash from me each year), that nice lady at the dry cleaners, the restaurant manager who always brings you an extra glass of champagne (I really like him), the teachers your kids spend all day with…the list goes on.  This is a great time of year to let these folks know you appreciate their efforts. *Thanks to Trans-Siberian Orchestra rock guitarist Angus Clark for this image. Angus could not rock your holidays without a tour bus driver – who left him a stocking!

Never underestimate the little things, the people who deserve them, and how it will make them feel.


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