Put the phone down and pass the salt

pass the saltPhone calls, texting, etc. are not allowed at our family table – for any meal. The only time a phone may be produced is to solve a deep debate on something usually highly geeky. Yet, I am guilty of pulling out that phone multiple times during a business meeting or lunch. I am the first to confess I need to get better at this myself. Will you join me? Put the phone away and see where the conversation goes. Thanks to Steeleworker Ken Ambrose for sharing this video. Love. It.



Worst place you’ve seen someone use the phone? Speak your mind in the comments section below.

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In New York for theatre business. Saw the Tony award-winning musical Fun Home last night. It was even better the second time around. The show is scheduled to go on the road next year. When it does, see it. I’ll then be back in three weeks for a speech at Drew University. Love talking to college freshman about to embark on a life adventure. Find out more here.