Show the love, leave a tip or stay home

As if I didn’t stir up enough trouble with punctuation and a broken link yesterday, let me see what I can do with the highly volatile subject of proper tipping. tippingAs long as tipping as been around, there is still confusion and resistance. Originating from To Insure Prompt Service, the custom first began in the early 1700’s when people would tip before the meal. The custom eventually switched to after the meal for better service. Read 16 New Rules For Tipping At Restaurants from Chelsea Fagan.

Here is the correct link to listen to David Crosby’s new LP, Croz from yesterday. Have a great weekend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Share this with a bad tipper

louisville-loveIn the spirit of this day of love, YDST uses our sponsor ad space to instead put a spotlight on Todd Balsey and Forest Giant. They got together with Aaron Marshall, creator of Over, to build a very special gift for their city for Valentine’s Day. In Todd’s words, “We aren’t making money off of it, it’s just a way to express our LOVE for our city and to raise awareness for a non-profit called City Collaborative.”  Show a little love today – give something back to your community.