Proof what you rite today

Take one more look at everything you write todayProof what you write before the rest of the world sees it. An email, a post on Twitter, a comment on Facebook, a resume, a letter, an ad – whatever you create today and any day – proof what you create. Utilize your spell check program and have a second pair of eyes look it over as well. *The last thing you want to do is send a “remume” to someone with misspellings. Yes, this was an actual ad in the paper. Thanks to Steeleworker Sparky Sparks for this!


Dayna Steele



I found this over the weekend on Facebook and sent the link to several prolific Facebook friends – the Likebook. You can go back as far as 2007 and create a book from your Facebook statuses, photos, publications and comments from your friends. You can even combine two profiles into one book. A wedding gift perhaps?