Practice makes permanent

hands-pianoPractice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. So, if you are doing it wrong and not continuing to learn, all the practice in the world won’t help. Same goes for knowledge – never stop learning, reading, researching. Just because you learned something does not mean it holds true forever. How do you find the YDST tips every day? That’s a question we hear often. We read, we learn, we listen, and sometimes when we hear the same phrase from different people repeated in a short period of time, we decide the Universe is suggesting a tip. Thanks Yves and Wonder Husband for this one.

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Thanks for the shout out today from The Skimm, one of the many sources of information we peruse each and every morning. Not a big newsie? The Skimm is a quick way to grab current events and at least have some idea of what is going on in the world around you. It’s free. So try The Skimm here. Be smart. Practice perfection.


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