Please give me your card

Dayna Steele business cardNetworking is not spreading business cards across a room and hoping something sticks. When you meet someone new at a business event (or really any event), don’t automatically whip out a card. Instead, talk to the person, really pay attention when he or she says their name, ask about what they do, where they do it, what they are working on now. Develop a connection, a relationship of sorts. Then, ask for their card. If they want yours, they will ask in return.

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Make sure you have cards on you at all times. Right now, make sure.

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The above photo features┬áthe “business cards” I carry at business meetings and speeches. I keep a hand full in a pocket. These cards always continue a conversation – and more often than not – make someone smile. I’m still trying to figure out how to flick them into an audience like Eddie Van Halen. *Thanks for the inspiration Peter Shankman.